Personal Wellbeing and Peer Mentor Training

'Solutions to Personal Wellbeing' was the theme of a recent extra-curricular training day for OIC students with facilitator Julie Wilkinson

Students took part in an essential life skills workshop that provided a comprehensive solution-focused approach to personal wellbeing and improving self-esteem, assertiveness and leadership skills. Students practiced techniques and tools to gain a positive mindset and build resilience and confidence for life now and in the future. Topics included:

• Today’s Society: Peer Pressure!
• The Importance of Positive Mental Health & Personal Wellbeing
• Understanding and Managing Feelings & Emotions
• Inspire! Positive Role Models
• Increasing Emotional Resilience: Confidence Building Tools
• Dreams, Goals and Mind Mapping
• The Power of Body Language & Self-fulfilling Prophecy
• Keep Calm and Carry On - Solutions to Stress and Anger
• Personal Wellbeing & Mindfulness
• Friendships & Relationships- Loss, Acceptance & Forgiveness

In the afternoon a small group of 25 students took part in a certified training to become 'Champion Peer Ambassadors'. This important role is for students who wish to offer peer mentoring to help other students with issues that may arise during times of stress or uncertainty. The simple, step-by-step training programme provided best-practice tools and techniques to handle difficult situations, including:

• Sustainability: The 5 Step ‘Champion Peer Ambassador’ Programme
• Inspire! How to be a Leader…
• Safeguarding Guidelines: Intervention and Prevention
• Best Practice Listening, Questioning & Reflective Skills
• Confidence Building and Assertiveness Tools & Techniques
• Dreams and Goals: Personal Goal Setting
• ‘Brave the Rage’ Bully Defence Tools
• Emotional Resilience: Solutions to Stress, Anger and Anxiety
• Positive Relationships: Friendship & Relationship Skills
• Personal Wellbeing & Safety
• The Essentials: Sign Posting and Support

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Published by: Oxford International College

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