Happy Chinese New Year!

Our warmest wishes to all of our students, teachers, parents, agents, and alumni celebrating the Year of the Rat.

This Saturday, the college turned red and gold as the dressed-up students congregated in the dining hall to share good cheer. The special New Year's menu cooked up by our chefs included such festive treats as sticky cakes, dumplings, spring rolls, and a unique traditional treat - chicken feet, or "phoenix claws", for good luck and prosperity.

There were also rad-and-gold costumes, decorations, origami, and fortune cookies - all of them foretelling a bright future filled with academic success!

As the celebrations continue during the week, we wish all friends of the college celebrating in Oxford and abroad a joyous, restful time, and those travelling a safe journey home.


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Saturday 25th January 2020

Published by: Oxford International College

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