COVID-19 Information

In these stressful and uncertain times, please rest assured that Oxford International College is working around the clock to provide students with uninterrupted timezone-adjusted learning.

We take our promise to students very seriously and shall do everything in our power to ensure that the three pillars of our tailored curriculum – academic excellence, career development, and personal development – continue as usual.

To that end, we have developed a comprehensive Remote Learning Programme. This new approach to online learning will allow students to continue their studies both through live teaching and asynchronous study direction. We will also continue with weekly career advice, Oxbridge mentorship, welfare sessions, progress tutoring, and most supercurricular activities.

We appreciate that the situation is unprecedented and will continue to adapt to any changes that may arise. As always, our first priority is our students’ wellbeing and academic progress. When our students came to us, it was on the basis of a promise that we would lead them to the best and brightest future they deserve. Regardless of the pandemic, this is a promise we still intend to keep.

Please navigate this page for more information.

Remote Learning Programme

Our principal goal is to continue the strongest possible preparation of our students for the next stage in their academic journey. The objectives of the Remote Learning Programme are:

  • Complete syllabus / Revision and consolidation / Assessment
  • Preview of the next stage
  • University preparation

We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible and, despite the unprecedented circumstances, ensure that our students receive the same quality of robust education and university preparation as outlined by the usual syllabus.
Remote Learning will consist of three main strands:

  • Live Teaching – students and teachers sitting down at the same time in their remote locations;
  • Directed Learning – students use the time for their subjects, with their work directed by their teachers;
  • Assessment – so that we can continue to provide a focus for our students’ work, and to continue to gather evidence about the attainment levels of our students.

Career and Extracurricular

The ultimate aim of the OIC Supercurricular Department is twofold:

  • to develop rounded individuals by offering opportunities to build upon personal skills and experiences;
  • to enable students to be as competitive as possible when applying to top universities.

These interconnected endeavours will remain the underpinning factors driving our decisions moving forward. As we are adapting to the changing circumstances, the information below will outline some of the procedures and processes that we are putting in place.

We will continue to deliver:

  • UCAS registration and personal statement writing guides and live classes
  • University admission test classes
  • Oxbridge mentoring session relevant to a student’s chosen course and career
  • University application assistance
  • Engaging with universities (online and for future open days where applicable)
  • Career meetings and one-on-one sessions with experts
  • Innovative plans for work placements
  • Olympiad training
  • Growth mindset and active recall learning training

In addition, clubs such as the Literacy Society will also continue to run, and their associated internal events (i.e. OIC Read-A-Thon) have been moved online.

Wellbeing at Home

We appreciate that this can be an incredibly difficult and stressful time for our students, and we’re here to reassure and support them. Our Welfare Team continues to be available for anyone, and the teachers and staff are ready to support any student that is feeling a little bit under the weather. We have also increased the number of progress meetings from once to twice a month, and extra support sessions are available to anyone that needs them.

Ultimately, we believe that the best thing we can do for our community’s mental wellbeing is to offer a sense of normalcy and continuity. Our students’ education and career development will go on as normal, and we will do our utmost to provide a stable learning structure and supportive working environment.

Please see here for National Health Service’s advice on staying at home. We are also publishing productivity and mental health tips on college social media.


Friday 27th March 2020

Published by: Oxford International College

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