OIC student council host Cultural Evening

Student council run successful evening to celebrate culture at OIC.

On Friday the 8th of March The OIC Student Council held an evening of cultural celebration at Oxford’s Cheyney School.

Students prepared a variety of acts to perform in front of the college community for a special night celebrating the many different cultures at OIC. The hall at Cheney school was decorated with balloons and flags from around the world and many students arrived dressed in traditional, cultural outfits, the student council even organised a competition for the best dressed student.

Students also prepared traditional food which they sold for charity, this included Malaysian desserts and drinks. The College chef also created an array of dishes from around the world. 2 of our AS students hosted a quiz about the different countries represented in the College and handed out Easter eggs as prizes. Ahead of the evening students had voted on fun awards such as best smile and most likely to brighten your day, prizes for which were announced throughout the evening.

The evening held many amazing performances such as songs in both English and Korean, piano solos and Indian dance. A group of students gave a memorable band performance, but the winning performance was a comedy song routine.

The evening was a wonderful show of cultural diversity at OIC but also of the great bond between our students, a wonderful night was had by all who attended.

Friday 15th March 2019

Published by: Oxford International College

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