OIC students compete in European Youth Parliament Competition

OIC students participate in the European Youth Parliament Competition at the Oxford Union

On Friday 15th March seven OIC students participated in the European Youth Parliament Debating Competition that took place at the prestigious Oxford Union.

89 students from 10 UK schools participated in the Competition. All students debated 6 motions related to a variety of global issues that involved the European Union and other non-member countries. For example, there were motions regarding Brexit and Gibraltar, Repatriation of Colonial-Era Artefacts in France, Combatting Anti-Semitism in the EU or Russia’s Interference in the 2019 European Elections. In each debate, there was a school proposing the motion and another opposing it. The rest of the participants could challenge any argument or point presented by the two sides. The open debate would end with a vote from all members of the Parliament.

OIC had to defend a motion that set some compulsory actions and penalties to state members of the European Union in order to tackle the environmental problems that the fast fashion industry is currently causing. The debate was very interesting, entertaining and one of the most participative. OIC students presented very solid arguments and rebuttals that back the effectivity of the actions and policies proposed. After a very intense 40 min debate and a final speech by the proposition and opposition, members of Parliament had the final say. Curiously, the motion did not pass because there was a tied vote, which is very unusual: 40 members of the Parliament voted in favour of the motion, 40 voted against and 3 abstained. Although OIC were not amongst the 3 teams progressing to the next stage of the competition this was a great opportunity for the students to develop valuable skills such as logical thinking, active listening and persuasion of a large audience.

For more information about the European Youth Parliament, click here.

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Published by: Oxford International College

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