Students attend BioGrad medical skill sessions

Between 28 October and 1 November, our students visited Liverpool Science Park to attend BioGrad Residential Sessions in order to learn clinical skills and medical research.

BioGrad is a laboratory skills programme providing necessary skills for prospective medical students. The workshops were led by visiting lecturers and researchers from Russell Group universities, including the University of Oxford. Small supervision classes provided students with an insight into traditional Oxbridge teaching styles.

The content of the programme coincides with the A-Level Biology and Chemistry syllabus, which provided suitable revision to all our prospective medical school applicants. Moreover, it was also a useful opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom to a practical setting.

Overall, it was a perfect blend of enriching and engaging – especially as the students got to practice medicine on each other!


In 2019, OIC sent 100% of our applicants into medical school. Learn more about our syllabus.


Wednesday 4th December 2019

Published by: Oxford International College

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