Cambridge Uni advises OIC's GCSE students on subject choice

On 25 January, all of our GCSE students went on a day trip to Cambridge to attend the Subject Matter talk.

The talk, which is organised by the University of Cambridge, advises GCSE students on their choice of A-Level subjects. As all selective universities look for specific A-Levels, there are specific combinations that suit a particular degree the most. Our students had the opportunity to hear right from the source which are the most beneficial subject choices for their preferred degrees, such as law, medicine, or engineering.

The session lasted three hours and involved a student life talk, an academic taster lecture, and a comprehensive subject advice session. Our students were particularly enthralled by the real Cambridge lecture. It focussed on new scientific methods in archaeology, discussing everything from studying the DNA of Roman gladiators to working out the dates of ancient volcanic eruptions using tree rings. One more reason to apply to Cambridge - the lectures are fascinating! 


We take our students' choices seriously and make sure they are well-informed. See our career curriculum here or read more news here.

Tuesday 28th January 2020

Published by: Oxford International College

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