Extra Curricular Activities

Sport and Physical Fitness

All our students receive membership at the Oxford University Sport Centre as soon as they turn 16. The centre is close to the Hall of Residence and offers a 25m swimming pool, gym, grass football pitch, tennis and squash courts, bouldering wall, athletic track and more. Swimming lessons, fitness classes and personal training can be booked directly with the sports centre.

The college has an active football team who meet for weekly practice. The team takes part in the annual CIFE Football Tournament in April. The Student Council Sports Officer works closely with the College's Student Services Manager to arrange sporting activites and to encourage students to participate. In recent times activities have included a girls' volley ball club, zumba classes and horse riding.

Clubs and Societies

Students are strongly encouraged to create their own clubs within the College if they have a hobby/interest they would like to share with the rest of the school. Regular clubs and societies include for example:

  • debating society
  • musical appreciation
  • documentary society
  • a cookery club
  • charity club

Social Activities

Social activities are organised by the Student Council and the Student Services Manager and vary from year to year, depending on interest generated amongst the student body. Events include:

  • Students' Christmas Party
  • Valentine's Dinner Dance
  • Summer BBQ
  • Paintballing, go-carting and bowling
  • A trip to Thorpe Amusement Park

Cultural Activities

Oxford is a cultural hotspot for museums, galleries, theatres and concerts. The Oxford university colleges provide a wonderful array of cultural programmes open to the public and within walking distance of Oxford International College. The proximity to London with it's West End shows and famous landmarks, and the excellent public transport connections, make it very easy for students to access these cutural experiences.