Online University Preparation

Maximise your chances to get into a top university with Oxford International College's Online University Preparation Programme.

The programme is designed for students anywhere in the world who are targeting top-ranking universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, and University College London in the UK, the Ivy League colleges in the USA, or any other elite university around the world.

The programme is built on Oxford International College's Three Pillars of Success that have led the school to the number one number one A-level ranking in the UK. 

The Pillars are:

  • Academic excellence 
  • Careers knowledge and preparation
  • Personal development beyond the school curriculum

The University Preparation Programme combines three of the UK’s most innovative and impactful educational offerings into a single unique experience:

  • Oxford International College’s highly successful University Preparation Programme, which has delivered unparalleled university destinations - this year it has achieved 100% success rates for applications to medical school in the UK and worldwide, and G5 universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE) .
  • The unique Global Space Design Challenge at Imperial College London, delivered by some of the world's leading academics.
  • InvestIN Education's highly sought-after online Internships offering a practical insight into the following careers: Architecture, Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Film Making, Investment Banking, Law, Politics, and Psychology. This is a highly recommended optional package bolt-on charged at the reduced rate of £300 per student.

We are delivering the course in partnership with InvestIN and Global Space Design Competition.


This course was designed by Yasmin Sarwar, Chief Education Officer of Oxford International College and world-class educator with a perfect university admission steak. 

As of 2020, 100% of her students were successful in securing a Russel Group university offer.

Yasmin Sarwar joined Oxford International College in 2017 as its Chief Education Officer. Under her academic leadership, OIC has gained global recognition as UK’s Number 1 A-Level college. She is also the co-founder of a school named ‘Britain’s brainiest school’ for topping the A-Level tables for nine consecutive years.

Throughout her nearly 20-year career, Ms Sarwar has sent over 350 students to medical schools and over 250 to world-class institutions including Oxford,  Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Harvard, and Hong Kong University. Ms Sarwar is on the interview panel at several top Russell Group Universities, enabling her to design successful personalised academic and career plans for students.

We are also supported by our sister organisation, Bucksmore EducationEstablished in 1979, Bucksmore Education is a provider of award-winning academic short courses. They offer a wide portfolio of online summer programmes for students of all ages, including career-focused Virtual Summer Schools and one-to-one tuition with Oxbridge graduates. Bucksmore is a proud member of the Oxford International Education Group and sister school to Oxford International College.


Key Programme Elements

Personal Statement Preparation

The personal statement is your first opportunity to show an admissions tutor who you are, and why they should consider you for a place at
their university.

Over the course of the programme, you will be able to hone their personal statement to a finished article. You will be given sessions on writing skills for a personal statement and will have one-to-one sessions with skilled tutors who have years of experience in advising students in your specific subject.

Admission Test Preparation

The admissions test is a key part of the application process. Most courses at Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities require an admissions test, as well as all Medical Schools and Dentistry courses.

Excelling in Admissions Tests shows an admissions tutor how you think, the knowledge that you have learned, and your ability to apply this knowledge to new and unexpected situations.

During the programme you will be taught the different skills required to do well: Problem Solving, Verbal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Essay Writing, Mathematical Reasoning, and General Science (if required). By the end of the course you will sit mock admissions tests with substantial feedback from expert tutors on how to improve for the real exam.

Academic Enrichment

The best way to demonstrate your interest in your chosen subject is to show what you have learned outside of what would normally be covered in school. For subjects taught in school, this could be reading outside of the syllabus. For courses not taught in schools, it is showing how you can link your current learning to the course.

The Academic Enrichment Programme provides you with the opportunity to learn new topics that would normally be taught in detail at university. It also gives you the chance to discuss your interests with other similarly ambitious students, and shows you how to select good literature to read as preparation for studying the course at university.

University Interview Preparation

With every course at Oxford, Cambridge, and other top ranking universities, as well as all medical schools and dentistry courses requiring an interview, this is your final chance to prove that you deserve a place on these courses. You will watch model interviews, acted out by tutors who have gone through the experience themselves, and will receive written model answers to questions, including - the thinking process that they went through to arrive at the correct answer. You will also receive one to one practice interviews, with detailed feedback on each question asked, and at the end of the course you will have mock panel interviews replicating the interview process as closely as possible.

UCAS Preparation

During this programme you will be taught the skills essential for any successful university application. You will be guided through the UCAS application form, showing you examples of good applications, including what activities and awards to include, as well as what to avoid.


The Global Space Design Challenge

The Global Space Design Challenge is an intensive 3-day competition designed and delivered by academics from Imperial College London. Imperial College London is the only university in the UK to focus solely on science, engineering, medicine and business.

The Global Space Design Challenge offers participants a chance to learn from teachers at Imperial College London and industry experts, as well as the opportunity to read outside of the normal school curriculum – a factor crucial to any strong university application.  You will experience a unique opportunity to learn design, presentation and communication skills in an industry setting.

As a participant you will:

  • Work as a team to design a settlement in space set up to 70 years in the future
  • Experience the challenges of working in a large industrial company;
  • Take your subject knowledge to the next level through a challenging academic programme that balances lectures, seminars and a high level of practical work;
  • Receive mentoring and lectures from world-class academics and industry experts.

For more information visit:



InvestIN is a London-based organisation led by a group of experienced professionals from some of the world's most competitive careers. InvestIN provides students with an immersive experience of their dream career before they start university so they can get a head-start over their competition. InvestIN will be offering students a three-day online academic internships. You can participate in an internship with industry professionals to apply their knowledge.

Internships courses offered include (but allow up to 12 different industries):


  • Computer Science, 8-10 August
  • Entrepreneurship, 8-10 August
  • Medicine, 1-3 August / 29- 31 August
  • Investment Banking, 1-3 August / 29-31 August
  • Engineering, 1-3 August  / August 29-31
  • Law, 1-3 August / 29-31 August


Find out more about InvestIN programmes at:


Course Details


Two-week course:

July 6th – July 17th 2020


Four-week course:

July 6th – July 31st 2020


Six-week course:

July 6th – Aug 14th 2020


Age group

15-19 for all courses


Course Comparison and Fees


Base two-week programme includes:

Seminars and masterclasses
3.5 hours of one-to-one classes (personal statements and one-to-one interviews)
Weekend Global Space Design Competition
Optional InvestIN Digital Internship seminars from industry professionals

Fee: £1970

Key outcomes:

First draft of personal statement
Fundamental understanding of UK university applications.
Sample admissions tests
Basic interview preparation
Bridging content beyond school syllabus.

Extended four-week programme includes:

Seminars and masterclasses 
7 hours of one-to-one classes (personal statements and one-to-one interviews)
Weekend Global Space Design Competition  
Admissions Test Simulation Day
Optional InvestIN Digital Internship
Seminars from industry professionals

Fee: £3743

Key outcomes:

Completed personal statement
Fundamental understanding of UK university applications.
Solid understanding of UK admissions tests
Understanding of university interview styles
Bridging content beyond your school syllabus

Comprehensive six-week programme includes:

Seminars and masterclasses
10.5 hours of one-to-one classes (personal statements and one-to-one interviews)
Weekend Global Space Design Competition
Admissions Test Simulation Day
Two-panel Oxbridge-style mock interviews
Optional InvestIN Digital Internship
Seminars from industry professionals

Fee: £5023

Key outcomes:

Completed and refined personal statement
Strong understanding of UK university applications.
Advanced understanding of UK Admissions Tests
Extensive understanding of university interview styles
Bridging content beyond your school syllabus including introduction to first year of degree-level content



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