Student Feedback

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Instead of having us to memorize equations off the formula booklet, Tet teaches us how to derive them using our existing knowledge and tells us about the exciting history of mathematics. Rather than having a one-way learning environment in which the teacher feeds the students with information, I am able to feel a sense of inclusion in class as my peers and I are given the opportunity to actively participate in discussions. Furthermore, the small class size allows students to receive more individual attention. Instead of directly giving us the answers to problems, Tet tends to make us think about them on our own before guiding us to solving them independently. This, in my opinion, would aid in developing the essential skills of critical, lateral and analytical thinking. Being very knowledgeable and experienced in the physics/mathematics related field, Tet's worksheets and tests usually consists of questions that he has written by himself. More often than not, they are very challenging (and can go up to the level of math olympiad and university interview questions). Overall, I think this is a very unique learning experience. Despite my weak mathematics foundation at current, I hope this new approach would work for me.

Toby's Physics classes are very interesting and interactive. Instead of spoon feeding us, he lets us conduct our experiments on our own. However, whenever we have any doubts or faults in our experiments, he is always there to assist us. As a person who did not dare to ask questions in class in the past, he has encouraged me to embrace my inquisitiveness. Besides discussing matters relating to the subject he teaches, Toby's friendly yet stern way has also allowed me to approach him on issues such as personal statement, university choices and career paths. In my opinion, he is a very experienced teacher and thus, he is able to give very constructive advice.

In preparation for the Physics Aptitude Test, I have been attending PAT/MAT/STEP/ENGAA classes every Monday. These lessons were conducted by Tet Amaya. Due to his university-like teaching style, I found these classes extremely helpful as he would give us challenging problems to consider and guide us throughout our thinking process.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied and thankful for all the support that I have received in terms of academics, and thus, I have yet to complain. Man En Koh

I really love the teachers. Toby is very fun and knows exactly what to say to make me understand the content being taught. Tet really makes us think about the content and doesn't throw information at us but makes us find the content and is more of a guide and he helps us find what we don't understand. Tim really uses visual aids which I really like. He's super helpful and knows how to reduce the information into a form that is easy to digest then works on it so we understand it well enough. Caleb

My tutors Tet, Zoe and Toby are very helpful when we have questions or we need help with past exam paper questions or some points that we didn't understand during the lesson. Toby tries to make the lesson without stress which makes it a good condition to study. Tet gives us some work that is very challenging and I like that because it helps us to go through the exam questions very smoothly . Zoe also gives us questions that quite hard and she explains very clearly when we don't understand. Phakpoom

With half of my teachers being Oxford University graduates and the other half being graduates from other renown universities, they knew the importance of not only conveying the material to me, but also challenging me to think outside of the box/textbook. Small class sizes allowed for me and my peers to get comfortable with our teachers and vice versa. This was of crucial importance to our productivity as a group since it enabled us to go into discussions about an area we lack knowledge in, without feeling unnecessarily hesitant to pose our questions due to lack of understanding. My teachers were more than happy to provide me with extra one-to-one tutorials during exam period which I found to have a remarkably positive effect on my overall A-Level results!  Miroslav

Studying in this college for 2 months now, I prefer the teaching style in this college. The teachers here make me understand the subjects rather than memorising especially Barrie and John. They will teach out of the syllabus rather than just following the syllabus. This is what I really like about it because it helps to build up my knowledge rather just learning the textbook. Small classes allow me to get more attention from teachers. The teachers are willing to help me outside of the lessons to clarify my doubts.  Hern

The college helps to keep my dreams alive. Most importantly it made me realise that to achieve anything requires faith, vision, self-motivation, determination, hard work and dedication. Joshua

The school is supportive in every aspect. It is a big, warm family and I feel loved. I can concentrate on my studies and have a balance between studying and having fun with my friends. Cherry

We have a really supportive environment with teachers always willing to give up extra time to help us. Chrysten

I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted for medicine at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. As you can imagine I am over the moon about this and I just wanted to thank you, my tutors and everyone at Oxford International College who helped me to achieve this, I couldn't have done it without your support and assistance and I will be forever grateful for this. Nicole

I just received an Engineering offer from Brasenose College Oxford! A*AA in Maths, Physics and Further Maths. I'm so excited. I'd like to thank you and the tutors - really want to share this news with them and thank them so much for their help! Weiyi

As I look back at my short but intense experience in Oxford and especially at the College, I realise I had a really great time here. It was for me, my future studies and life, a very important choice. That’s why I want to say a great thank you for your welcome, support, enthusiasm and everything you have helped me with. Keep up this inspiring work and joy! Antoine

The one-to-one tutorials and personalised teaching at Oxford International College helped me fulfil my dream of scoring all A grades at A-level and reading Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Kee Siang

My 100% score in my Chemistry practical exam was made possible by my excellent tutors and helped me realise my goal of studying Medicine at St. Andrews. Ravin

All the tutors were very helpful and I feel much better prepared for my Literature exam. Karolina

I would like to thank you for all your help and support in preparing for my audition for the Wycombe Abbey scholarship. I have been accepted for November. Meanwhile, I have also received a forty percent academic and music scholarship from my current school and I have realised how beneficial and useful the preparation that I received at Oxford International College was to me. Helen

OIC has given me more than just a brilliant education. The endless support and encouragement from the staff and tutors that I have received is worth more than any amount of money. I have become a confident, independent learner which is something that I never believed I could be before I became a student at OIC. Anuka

After doing a year in Medicine at university in London, I realised that my course wasn't right for me. I decided to re-apply to study Law and wanted to improve my A-level grades so that I could get into a good institution. Coming to OIC was definitely the best decision; the tutors were excellent and the college was very caring, encouraging and supportive. I'm glad I came here. Natasha

OIC was without a doubt the place for me. Last September, I was 'lost'. I was most disappointed with my school results. I then found OIC and instantly knew that it was for me. In six months, the tutors taught me two full A-levels. Now I feel so confident about Physics and Chemistry. I would recommend OIC to anyone and everyone! Richard

The one-to-one tuition or teaching in small groups means students are not intimidated to ask a question which they would want to ask in a larger classroom situation. Having spent two years in Oxford, not only can I say that I received a good education from Oxford International College, I also had a fantastic time as well. I furthered my Badminton to such a level that I was playing in the local Oxford league! Overall, coming to OIC was the best decision I ever made. James

At my previous school I didn't achieve my predicted grades at A2 for my chosen degree course, and heard very positive things about tutorial colleges. Given the choice of individual tuition with Oxford tutors or school I would definitely do this again. Anuja

Compared to a year ago, I feel a lot better about myself and my studies because of coming to OIC. I can now show what I'm capable of academically. I've learned to start to manage my revision early, and now realise how important this is. When I was at school I did no work, and at OIC with one-to-one tuition I got back on track. I completed my UCAS application in time; I wouldn't have been able to manage without the tutors' and my family's encouragement. Jamie