College Staff


Oxford International Education Group

Chris Spanoudakis,
Group Chair
Dr Mario Peters, OIC Governing Body Chair 

College Staff

Yasmin Sarwar, Chief Education Officer
Born in Lawas and raised in Kuching, Yasmin Sarwar completing her SPM in Malaysia and continued her education in the UK. She is the co-founder of Cardiff Sixth Form College (2004), an independent boarding school for international sixth form students in the UK. The school topped league tables for eight consecutive years under her leadership. Yasmin, who describes herself as an educational entrepreneur, has received many awards including Welsh Asian Business Woman (2015), the Pearson Teaching Award for Science Teacher of the Year and a Pearson Teaching Awards Fellowship (2011). She is regularly invited to share her expertise with government bodies, fellow educators, parents, students, and the general public. Her most recent public talks include addressing the Welsh Assembly (Gorwel) and a TEDx talk (DVLA- Swansea). Yasmin left Cardiff Sixth Form College in November 2016 and was invited to join the Oxford International College Advisory Board as Chief Education Officer in January 2017. Yasmin is the author of the innovative 'Strategic Global Pathways' curriculum, developed for Oxford International College. The curriculum combines programmes for academic excellence, career preparation and personal development. The Strategic Global Pathway curriculum is at the heart of Yasmin’s educational philosophy of combining the best of 'East and West'. Since implementing Yasmin's educational strategy, Oxford International College has been ranked third in the Top Sixth Form Colleges and fifth in the Top UK Co-Educational Boarding Schools tables compiled by  Return to top

Mrs Kim Terrar, Principal and Managing Director

Mrs Marianne Thompson-Hill, Deputy Principal, HR and Pastoral Care

Mr Toby Blundell, Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

Ms Ellie Dear, Director of Studies

Mrs Claire Wellstood, Operations Manager

Mr Jason Brooks, Bursar

Mr Mick Hicks, Assistant Bursar

Ms Yasmin Alexander-Hinds, Financial Assistant

Mrs Melanie Bloor, PA to the Principal and HR Assistant

Mrs Cheryl Brookes, Exams Officer

Ms Jenny Bourlakis, Student Services Manager 

Ms Jo Goddard, Student Services Manager

Ms Millie Kalinowska, Student Services Assistant       

Ms Tania Sadkina, Admissions and Marketing Manager

Ms Anna Wawrzonkowska, Marketing and Admissions Officer

Ms Aoife Young, Super-Curricular Coordinator

Mr Dominic Fuge, Super Curricular Manager, Psychology & EPQ Tutor

Mr Enric Monguio, Quality Assurance Officer

Mr Thomas Zavros, MIS & IT Coordinator

Mr Matthew Story, House Parent & Facilities Manager

Ms Rosaleen Shortt, House Parent

Mr Jake Story, House Parent

Mr Rowan Ritchie, Warden

Ms Meryl Suissa, College Counseller, PSHE Tutor

Mrs Emily Harris, Receptionist

Mr Dariusz Maton, Receptionist

Ms Eladia Posthill, Receptionist



Mrs Margaret Alton
B.A. (Hons). M.A. P.G.C.E.
Dr Tet Amaya B.A. (Oxon, Hons), M.A. (Oxon), D.Phil. (Oxon)
Mr Jonathan Beckett M.Chem. (Oxon, Hons)
Mr Toby Blundell B.A. (Hons). P.G.C.E.
Mr Tim Croston M.Phys., M.A.
Ms. Susan Drew B.A. (Hons), M.A. 
Mr Patrick Finch-Noyes M.A. (Oxon), P.G.C.E. (Oxon)
Mr Martin Fraser L.L.B. (Hons 1st Class)
Mr Mick Hicks B.A. (Hons), M.Litt. (Oxon)
Ms Namrita Lally B.A. (Hons), M.A. M.Ed.
Dr Zoe Lundy MBioch, D.Phil. (Oxon)
Ms Sarah Margetts B.A. (Hons)
Ms Dolly McLaughlin
B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.Dip., Psych. Obs. U.K.C.P. Accred. (UKAHPP)
Mr Bob Mitchell B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.C.E.
Ms Mihaela Mitrovic M.St (Oxon), M.Sc.
Dr Nicholas Mulvey B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D, P.G.C.E., C.Eng, M.I.E.T.
Mr Minh Nguyen B.Sc. (Hons) Economics, M.Phil (Oxon)
Ms Lesley Parker-Collins B.A. (Oxon, Hons), M.St. (Oxon)
Dr Mikhail Rakovshik B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D., M.B.A.
Ms Susannah Webb B.A. (Oxon, Hons), M.A., P.G.C.E. 
Dr Matthew White B.A. (Cam, Hons), D.Phil (Oxon), P.G.C.E. (Oxon)

Advisory Board Members

We are privileged to be served by an excellent non-executive Advisory Board of academics and educationalists who volunteer their time to provide independent guidance and support to the work of the College in the UK and China.

Mrs Yasmin Sarwar
Dr Audrey Curnock
Dr. E J Williamson

Staff Profiles

Dr Mario Peters, OIC Governing Body Chair
Mario gained degrees from the Universities of London (BSc), Edinburgh (MSc), and Oxford (DPhil). His early career was as a research scientist at Oxford University, where he worked in the field of space technology, developing scientific instruments for NASA space missions. Mario now describes himself as an educational entrepreneur, having founded the following educational companies: Oxford Science Studies (1997); Oxford International College (2002); Oxford International Education (2005); Oxford Summer Academy (2010). In 2008 Oxford International College, in collaboration with BE Education in Shanghai, opened its first overseas campus in China in Shanghai, followed by Qingdao (2009), Chengdu (2011) and Changzhou (2012). In 2013 OIC Switzerland opened in Chateau D'Oex. Mario’s main interests outside of education are Youth Leadership and Tennis. He is co-founder and director of Plan8 Tennis, which operates a summer tennis academy in Shenzhen, China, and an advisor to Algarve Open, a tennis academy in Portugal. Mario is also a seed investor in, and online mentoring platform. Mario also supports a number of charities, including Journeyman UK, a charity offering contemporary rites of passage for young men. In 2012 Mario co-founded the Youth Leadership Trust  to develop an 'Awareness and Leadership Curriculum' for UK schools. Mario is married with three sons. Return to top

Kim Terrar, Principal and Managing Director
Kim was educated at Otago University, New Zealand and has extensive experience in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. She was for a number of years the residential Geography/Geology tutor at St Georges College at the University of Western Australia. Within the UK she has taught at Wycombe Abbey, Headington Girls School and was the Deputy Principal of an independent sixth form college in London. Kim joined Oxford International College five years ago as Principal and has overseen the successful expansion of the College to its current size, as well as the move to newly-refurbished premises in January 2011. In October 2011 Kim was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer at Oxford International College. Kim is married with two children. Return to top

Marianne Thompson-Hill, HR and Pastoral Care
Marianne graduated from Kings College London University in 1996 with a BA Hons in Hispanic Studies. Following this, she worked for a period of seven years for the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in a number of positions including Director of the Regional Initiatives. In 2004 Marianne made the decision to move away from all the travelling and make time to start a family. In preparation for this she became qualified as a life coach gaining a certificate and diploma in life coaching. Shortly afterwards Marianne began to work at Oxford International College where she has various positions. She has coached a number of students, dealing with issues such as examination stress, apathy, low self-esteem, a sense of not "fitting" or "belonging", an inability to set goals or to see and create a pathway that leads to the "desired" future. Marianne has three children – a boy and twin girls. She has also worked teaching English as a Foreign Language in Barcelona (2 years) and in Argentina (1 year) as well as in publishing and for SOCOG (the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games). Return to top

Ellie Dear, Director of Studies
After completing her degree in 2009, Ellie was keen to continue in to a career that allowed her to maintain her passion for education. She joined Oxford International College where she was involved with a number of areas and using her skills, talent and capability fulfilled the role of Examination Officer for a number of years, before being promoted to the role of Direct of of Studies in the beginning 2012. Return to top

Dr. Audrey Curnock, Advisory Board Member
Dr A G Curnock trained as a Mathematician gaining a BSc Hons, followed by an MPhil and a PhD in Pure Mathematics (Functional Analysis), from the University of London, Goldsmiths' College. After 20+ years lecturing in London, including at London South Bank University, and in Rome at the American University of Rome (AUR), she began to move into University Management. She was Head of Mathematics & the Sciences at AUR, and Acting Provost for a semester; the busiest of times, but great fun. She then took on the role of Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. During this period she chaired numerous Undergraduate Examination Boards and tried to promote the importance of writing for mathematics undergraduates. She also tutored at Keble College and Wadham College, and carried out admissions work at Exeter and The Queen's College, Oxford. After five challenging years at Oxford, she set up the Educational Consultancy called Aspiring Heads Consulting LTD ( which works with Universities and Colleges. Return to top

Dr. E J Williamson, Advisory Board Member
Dr Williamson has been a member of Oxford University since he matriculated as an undergraduate in 1956. He completed his doctorate in 1964 and became a lecturer at the University in 1968. In 1970 he became a fellow of St cross College, Oxford. In 2000 he became Chairman of Physics Finals Examiners at Oxford, a position he held for four years. Dr Williamson retired in 2004 but was elected to an Emeritus Fellowship and is still highly active within the University. He currently holds the positions of Dean of Degrees and Director of Publications at St Cross College, Archivist of the Physics Department, as well as part time lecturer. Return to top